DIY Fashion: Make Your Own Polka Dot Denim

Print denim is all the rage lately, especially polka dot denim. Why buy a new pair of jeans when you can up-cycle an old pair? In this tutorial I will show you how to make your own printed denim at home.

You will need:

I will be using oil paint for this tutorial. It sounds sketchy, but oil paint hardens once it dries and will be smudge free.

I take one of my old pairs of American Eagle jeans and get to work. Start with one side of the leg and begin painting on the polka dot design. Don't worry about it being too neat, it's supposed to be quirky & eclectic. Use the paint sparingly, I can make about 5-6 dots before I need to apply more paint to my brush.

Once you are done the front side of your jeans, you may want to let them dry before flipping them over to avoid smears. I hang my jeans in front of a fan to let the paint dry. If you are using oil paint like me, this will take a couple of days. For fabric or acrylic paint it should be less than a day before you can paint the back side of your jeans.

It's really that simple. Now you have one-of-a-kind polka dot denim that you can proudly say you made yourself.

I pair my denim with a simple white shirt by Wilfred and a patterned infinity scarf. I think white is probably the best colour to wear with polka dot denim as it really ties in the colours of the jeans together. 

Happy DIY'ing!

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