Outfit of the Day - Olive Denim

The past couple of days have been chilly! And when I say chilly I mean the type of cold that chills right to your bones and makes you shiver all day. I've been wearing nothing but scarves and sweaters the past week. Fortunately today the sun decided to shine for us and I was able to go out and take some photos!

The little birdie showed some interest in our photo session...or maybe she was just looking for food!

I just invested in this olive denim from H&M. I have a slight anti-jean policy so these are a great alternative. I'm not saying I never wear jeans, but its way more fun to put on a pair of print pants or leggings then just plain old blue jeans. Plus these pants are warmer, eye catching, and match with almost any colour. 

With the olive denim, I wear a neutral striped turtleneck and a pashmina with olive tones to match the pants. I throw on a grey cardigan from H&M and wear my trusty Tom's wedges. 

One thing I like to do in my outfits is to color-match certain pieces. In this outfit my scarf matches my pants and my belt matches my shoes; somehow this makes the whole outfit come together. After that I like to throw in an accent piece, like a bright purple bag from Fossil. 

My mom and I love to go on long walks. I used to have to lug around a huge bag just to carry my keys and phone! This small little shoulder bag lets you carry around your essentials which comes in handy for strolls, shopping, and night clubbing.

I'm loving the pashmina trend right now. Somehow my pashmina manages to match everything, and it keeps me nice and warm!

I love how rowanberry looks during fall! Russian folklore says that if the berries are bright red, the winter will be a cold one. Good thing they are only a darker orange!

This morning my lovely friend Lauren did my hair. She taught me a new way to look put together in under ten minutes. Basically Lauren capitalized on my naturally wavy hair and curled the ends of a few strands as accent curls. If you have wavy hair try curling the bottom of a few strands all around, it will look like you took the time to curl your entire head of hair. And your secret is safe with me ;)

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