Outfit of the Day - Birthday Dress

Last weekend was my birthday weekend! I spent my day going to a lovely brunch with my mom (where I ordered my first legal drink!), hitting up the liquor store (didn't get ID'd!), going out to dinner at The Sugar Bowl, and finally going out to the bar. For dinner & the bar I wore my new LBD from Forever 21. I love the fun cutout lines and the shape of this dress! I paired this dress with brown bootie wedges (Tom's Shoes), surprisingly the perfect heels for going to the bar! They are stable and give you a bit of lift without killing your feet. I saw some girls walking around with no shoes on and I didn't need to be one of them in these heels! We danced all night and the flow of this dress looked perfect on the dance floor. 

Me after my muff dive. Note the broken martini glass! My friend looks so disappointed in me for failing the muff dive, haha!
At The Sugar Bowl I got a muff dive. "What is a muff dive?" you might ask. It's a shot in a martini glass full of whipped cream. The goal is to take the shot without using your hands- that means eating through the whip cream like a pig out of a trough! The difficult part comes in taking the shot without your hands... I grabbed the rim of the shot glass with my teeth but when I tried to tip back the shot my throat closed and I couldn't swallow any of it, the chocolate liqueur just sat in my mouth until I started laughing and dropped the shot glass! It actually shattered the martini glass and sent whipped cream flying everywhere! If you have successfully done a muff dive, please let me know: how the heck did you pull it off?!
Anyways, I definitely recommend getting a muff dive on your next birthday, just make sure you have lots of napkins and your guests are okay with getting a little creamy...

My friends and I before we head out to the bar. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends to spend my birthday with!

I just want to leave you with one final thought and that is that your birthday should leave you feeling fabulous, so wear whatever makes you feel amazing. Spoil yourself on your birthday, I scheduled my hair cut to be right on my birthday so that I could feel confident all day long. Share any birthday stories or birthday outfit ideas with me in the comments section!

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