DIY Spa: Cure Dark Under-Eye Circles

Hello all! This is my first post in a while because of midterms! I have been keeping busy with studying, hanging out with friends, and working out. BTW: I just wanted to share with you guys that this month I will have completed my fitness goal of working out three times a week! For every day I work out I put a big pink check mark on my calendar. It's a really great way of motivating myself because I can see how far I've come and after a workout I look forward to coming home and checking the day off!

Anyways, after a short absence I am here to share a beauty & health secret with you. 

Ever get annoying dark under eye circles? I know I do! Well here's a natural solution for them. Start by making a cup of tea with two tea bags (one for each eye). Any tea with caffeine in it will work, like earl grey or green tea.

Once your tea is steeped, take the two bags out of the cup and let them cool on a plate. 

While the bags are cooling, you can enjoy your tea! I love adding honey and grated lemon (with the skin) for a sweet and vitamin-rich kick to my tea.

I feel like I'm at the spa! 

Once the tea bags feel cool to the touch you can place them over your eyes. Relax for 10 minutes.

 If done regularly, you should notice a difference in your under eye circles. This is also a great way to refresh your eyes after a long day or if you need to rest your eyes in between studying.

Good to know: tea bags can be used to cure pink eye and styes. 

So there you go, tea bags are a wonderfully simple way to refresh your eyes or even cure an eye ailment.

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