DIY Fashion: Alter a Boring T-Shirt into a Fringe Shirt!

Watch the video, or read the tutorial below:

The event t-shirt is your enemy. I cringe whenever they tell everyone to put on their t-shirts. While the shirt is supposed to create "unity" and make event partakers recognizable, it takes away our unique identity and leaves us looking a little chubby. Also...some people PAY for these things? These are an affront to personal style, and one should never willingly choose to wear one of these. 

But alas! You can fashion a t-shirt to channel your own creative style. Here's a tutorial for how to take your t-shirt from blah to BAM.

You will need just two things: some scissors and a t-shirt that you wish to alter. Mine is from volunteering at the Fringe Festival.

Step 1: Cut those sleeves off! Cut the constraining neckline out- we are not Puritans and we will not dress like them. Cut the neckline for however will be most flattering for you. You can also choose (like I did) to cut off half of the side so that your sports bra or bandeau peeks out from the side of the shirt. 

Fringe the bottom half of the shirt. Make incisions every 1.5 inches in the sew line and then tear upwards. The fabric should just give and you need not use scissors for this step.

Cut the bottom off each individual fringe. Tie a knot at the bottom.

Pair the t-shirt with a cute bandeau or a sports bra.

And that's how its done. You're volunteering for a cause- you're not volunteering to have your personal style taken away! 

How do you alter your boring t-shirts? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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