Outfit of the Day - Thai Hipster

I hope your autumn is as awesome as mine, because here you can still get away with wearing a skirt and tank! This outfit is perfect for going anywhere hipster. In Edmonton, our local international film festival is running and I would definitely wear this (especially since my skirt is movie-theatre themed!) to an Indie flick. This outfit would also work for a walk in a bohemian shopping district like Edmonton's Whyte Avenue or even for a night on the town.

Most of this outfit comes from the streets of Bangkok. I picked up both the print skirt and tank at local street vendors. The scarab necklace is from H&M. Finally I decided to pair this outfit with some slim lined converse and some white tube socks. The tube socks give the outfit an 80's vibe and keep you toasty during autumn. You could wear ballerina flats or heels with this outfit but I decided to make the outfit more daytime instead of nightclub-ish.

For an outfit like this free flowing hair is ideal. The effortless cool of the clothes has to be equaled with some messy but sexy locks. I like to comb my hair and then tease it a little bit to give it a bed head look.

The rant part: I have been to Bangkok. I bought a typical tourist tank. I did not to proceed to buy a tourist shirt for family and friends. Why? Because they haven't been to Bangkok. If you go somewhere cool, by all means pick up a shirt for yourself- it makes a great conversation piece when meeting new people. Get your friends a different souvenir because they will probably never wear a shirt from a place they've never been to. Exception: I NY shirts, cause those are just classic.

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