DIY Braided Friendship Bracelet

Here's a simple tutorial for a DIY bracelet that you can give to a friend or make for yourself.

You will need:

The method:

Step 1: With your three strings together, make a knot at the top. This is where you will begin braiding the  bracelet.

Step 2: Start braiding the bracelet, trying to make the braid as dense and flat as possible. Do this by folding the leading strand over the other strands, working from the back.

Step 3: When about half of the total string you wish to use is braided, thread your charm through one of the strands. 

*If your charm has a smaller hole and the leather doesn't fit through, I recommend using craft string. Think of the craft string as being a part of one of the leather strands and braid as normal. Then you can thread the charm through the craft string.

Step 4: Continue braiding.

Step 5: When your bracelet is as long as you want it to be, tie a knot at the end of the braid and then cut off any excess string.

That's it! You have a homemade bracelet.

 You may also choose to trim the ends of your knots, but I choose to keep them to preserve a boho feel to the bracelet.

This bracelet can be looped three times around because I used the full length of the leather string. The length is up to you!

This bracelet is also an example of a charm that had a smaller hole. I used pink craft string and braided the bracelet as usual, just keeping the pink string with the brown leather and then lacing through the elephant charm.

My bracelet philosophy: the more the merrier! 

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