Classic Gone Wild

Nicole here! We are still in the midst of Showoff September* and that means we have to keep dressing to impress. What better way than with a blazer? Lots of people shy away from the blazer but you can dress it down to make it less preppy and more badass. Here I pair my blazer from Suzy Shier with an electric pink top from H&M, my lizard print pants are also from H&M. The print pants are a perfect way to add patterns to an otherwise solid outfit. Finally I tie in the hot pink top with some hot pink wedges from Calvin Klein. Since my blazer still has an old prep school vibe to it I decide to carry my books in a vintage-looking bag from Fossil to complete the look. And voila: here you have an eccentric outfit that gives classic designs a bit of an edge. Proof that blazers aren't stuffy- they can be badass too!

This outfit is perfect for: an autumn day when the weather is confusing (chilly in the morning and summery in the afternoon) or a day when you go to school or work and then out on the town.

*Showoff September - I coined this phrase because September is the month everyone tries really hard to impress new people at school and start the year off right. 

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